Practice Infection Control Policy

Infection control is of prime importance in this practice. It is essential to the safety of our patients, our families and our selves. This policy has been constructed based on the Health Technical Memorandum 01 – 05 and the Health and Social Care Act 2008 issued by the Department of Health.

This policy comprises of a number of Standard Operating Procedures including:

1. Inoculation injuries and blood borne viruses

2. Hand washing

3. Personal protective equipment

4. Surgery design

5. Maintenance of water lines

6. Decontamination of equipment

7. Decontamination of medical devices

8. Environmental cleaning

9. Blood / bodily fluid spillage

10. Mercury spillage

11. Waste management

12. Staff training records

All members of staff are trained to implicate this policy at all times. The Head Clinical Nurse is responsible for enforcing, maintaining and auditing the policy. This includes an annual review in January